Rite Aid Review

Rite Aid Pharmacy;

Rite Aid is an American pharmacy chain, and the Rite Aid retails are available in more than five thousand locations in the USA. On the other hand, Rita Aid is the third-largest pharmacy chain in the USA. According to Rita Aid’s annual SEC balance sheet, its net income was $555 million in 2011. New York Stock Exchange says that there are 1.4 billion capitals in the stock market. So typically, it is a not bad pharmacy chain.

Rite Aid Locations;

There are more than five thousand retail stores in the USA. So it is impossible to present in an article. By the way, if you want to check your nearest Rite Aid stores, you just need to click the following link and chose your area.

Find Your Nearest Rite Aid Location with Map

Another way to find your nearest store is to call a toll free number to find your nearest Rite Aid stores. The phone number is 800-748-3243. If you have any questions, you may be asking via this number.

Rite Aid Coupons and rewords;

You will find lots of Rite Aid coupons online on the third party website. Sometimes the third-party website suggested coupons are work, and sometimes it doesn’t work. It depends on coupons sponsored and offered period. Sometimes, many Rite stores offered discount sales individually. Not only discount sales, sometimes they provided free sales. On the other hand, there are wellness plus reward and single check rebate program. If you are eligible for this program or have a loyalty card, you may save up to 20% when purchasing any product from any store. When you shop online from Rite Aid’s official website, you can use coupon codes or discount codes.
To getting a discount, visit the Rite Aid website and discount offer. I was finding some valid coupons code at riteaidcoupons.com. You can see this site, but I have no responsibility. I suggest another link (rite aid official website link) where you may find coupon codes or discount offers. The link is riteaid.com/myriteaid.

Get a Job at Rite Aid Pharmacy;

There are more than 0.1 million employees in the USA. Rite Aid pays $10 to $20 per hour for its variety of positions of job. The company’s employees may be eligible for 401 (k) plans and health insurance with other facilities. So if you would like to work or would like to complete an internship at the Rite Aid store, you may contact Camp Hill pharmacist intern & pharmacist opportunities dept of Rite Aid home office. The full office address is 30 Hunter lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011. If you want to send your resume online, send it to recruit@riteaid.com or find the glassdoor rite aid circular page and submit at glassdoor.
Another way to send resumes; Applicants also send her resume via fax. The Rite Aid fax number is 717-731-3860. After reading this article doesn’t forget to comment. If you want to ask me something, please comment here. I will try to give you your answer in three business days.

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