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Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Corporate office address
235East, 42nd Street
Phone Number: 212-733-2323
Website: and others country based website.

Pfizer is a drug manufacture company in America that was established in 1849. Now it is a multinational company which serving various essential medicine worldwide. According to en US health care revenue records 2008, Pfizer is the world largest pharmaceutical company. In 2009 and 2010, it was 2nd position. On the other hand, there are lots of research fields and medicine products for humans and animals. For humans, there are physical and mental disease medicines. For example, Quinapril, caduet, amlodipine etc for hypertension, Depo medrol, soul medrol etc for asthma. The popular birth control pill Depo Provera is one of the Pfizer’s products. Not limited here, there are actives medicines for arthritis, Alzheimer, chemotherapeutic, nicotine agonists, cancer, bacterial and protozoal infection, diabetes, various neuropathic pain, and HIV etc disorders. But I don’t know the side effects of Pfizer medicine. There are huge of animals’ drug. To knowing about animals’ drugs you may visit your nearest Pfizer pharmacy or contact with an animal’s doctor.

Pfizer pharmaceuticals Job;

Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical chain and there are lots of outlets in your area. Inasmuch as there are lots of factories, outlets and country based office, so there are need a huge of employees. Now there are more than 0.1 million employees. By the way if you were interested to working at Pfizer outlets, factory as a worker or manager, you may search your interested jobs at Pfizer careers website and submit your resume in this website. According to Pfizer careers website, there have been flexibility to achieve your financial goals. Now there have been huge of category management vacancy for educated and experienced persons.

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One if you have submitted application you may login to check your application status. I have direction here, before submit your application firstly choose your country where you want to work.

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