Morgan Stanley Review

Morgan Stanley head office address and essential phone numbers;

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC
1585 Broadway,
New York, NY 10036, U.S.
Essential phone number:
All purpose: 222-761-4000
Technical Support: 888-454-3965
Customer service: 800-869-3326

Morgan Stanley is an U.S based multinational and financial company which working globally since 1935. According to Morgan Stanley corporate website, there have been more than 60,000 employees and over than 1300 office in 42 countries.

ABC stores team was contact online with Morgan Stanley’s New York branches analyst Malabika, she says that, the company’s main business are commercial and investment banking business and the company also covering various field i.e. institutional securities or most profitable business, brokerage and others investment banking business.

Merchant banking is another business system of Morgan Stanley. The banking service offers mortgage loan and margin lending etc. And their customers open several types of account such as money market account, investment account, and education funding, retirement etc account.

Everyone can be investment in Morgan Stanley’s various funds. On the other hand, there are internet brokerages where interested investor may invest online. However that, if you want to invest at Morgan Stanley’s funds online, firstly visits the Morgan Stanley’s website and request to prospectus. To getting prospectus online you may send a request email at

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