Marathon Oil Company Review

Headquarters of Marathon Oil Corporation
5555 San Felipe Street
Houston, TX77056-2723
Phone Number: 713-629-6600

Marathon Oil is a natural gas, oil and petroleum refiner and supplier in the US. According to a franchise operator of Marathon Oil, he says that, once Marathon was name of oil brands and now its Marathon Oil corporation. He says, our company mainly collecting oil from Kurdistan Iraqi and after refining the company supply the refined oil in the USA, UK, Norway, Poland etc country with various ways. In our country, they are supplying refined oil, gas, petroleum, Mobil etc with us (franchise).

I was asked him about shareholders benefits and employee benefits. He says me, Marathon Oil is a profitable corporation and we provide quality service and products for our customers. So its shareholders or business partners will be profiteer. For example, today when was started market then it was 26.38. But it was increased 27.03 in the today’s closing time.

He says, I’m happy to working in this company. As we are enjoying all facilities of federal low.

Products of Marathon Oil:
There are lots of fuel related products, such as diesel, octane, Mobil, petroleum, natural gas etc. According Marathon Oil official website, the company’s slogan is “Fueling the American Spirit”. There are more than 5500 gas stations or franchise in the USA.

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