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Kellogg is an American food products company. Now the Kellogg food products are available in more than one hundred eighty countries in the world. The cereal products of Kellogg are the most popular and tasty food in the American peoples. The Kellogg’s headquarters are situated in the Michigan State of America.

Kellogg’s Products;

There are several types of food products available in the market, such as cereals, cereal bars, cookies products, crackers, veggie foods, etc. Recently the company launched high-quality snack brands in the market. According to Kellogg’s consumer relations manager, there are more than 20 food products in the market. He says we have received some US consumers’ complaints about our brands “Special K” since 2010. Recently, Britain’s government has banned the advertisement for Kellogg’s exceptional K brands in Britain.

Kellogg’s Online Feature;

Kellogg has a substantial regional completed website. The Kellogg consumers enjoy various facilities such as getting the latest news, subscribe to get discounts, online order to purchase and home delivery, see the newest product features, etc. On the other hand, Myaccount is another feature of Kellogg’s online. If you are a regular consumer of Kellogg, you may take this Myaccount facility to buy Kellogg products online, online bill pay, to enjoy various discount offers, etc.

Kellogg’s Recall;

If you faced illness caused by Kellogg’s cereal products (if your doctor certified), you could complain online or physically in Kellogg’s office for a refund. Kellogg has distributed 28 million food boxes (Corn pops, Honey Smacks, Apple Jacks, etc.) in the USA and Canada on 25 June 2010. The research found that the company used naphthalene and some crude oil to package this product. As a result, some consumers faced illness, and the cause of diseases was 2-methyl naphthalene.

To complain online click here

Or your application sends to

Kellogg’s Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016

Kellogg’s Contact information;

If you need to contact the Kellogg consumer manager, you may contact them via phone or online.
To contact via phone call, you may call at 800-962-1413.

To contact online click here.

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