Giant Food Store Review

Giant food store;

Giant food store is one of the famous human food or supermarket chains in the America. Actually its Pennsylvania based supermarket chain although the chain headquarters are Carlisle in Maryland. But the chain outlets or stores are available in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia states. There are more than 90 stores in the four states. In Pennsylvania, you will find more than 73 Giant food store outlets and you will see minimum 1-2 outlets in each 5Km distances. According to Giant food store official website, the chain tries to maintain the highest stander of performance to their customers.

Giant food store online service;

Giant food store official web address is where consumer can be purchase the Giant brands food online. If you visit the Giant food store website, you will read meal and healthy idea, the company’s history, vision, mission etc. If you have Giant food store Bonus card then you can sign up for myGIANT online account to receive especial email and coupons. Once you have sign up you may login your account to view shopping list and order online.

Contact number of Giant food store;

If you have any complaint on your purchased products performance or if you identified the Giant food store products or foods may cause of health problem. Then you may complaint at the following phone numbers. The chain offered fully refund of your purchased foods.
Complaint against Meat and Poultry: 888-535-4555.
Complaint against others products: 888-732-3366.

Get a Job at Giant food store;

Although it is a small sizes supermarket chain but the chain employees enjoying various benefits. Such as 410 k plan, company’s stock purchase plan, medical and life insurance, scholarships, awards etc. So if you interested to work at this chain you can submit your resume online. To submit you just need to create an account and fill out job application. Once if you have filleted an application form you may login to checked application status.

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