General Electric Review

General Electric Company;

General electric’s corporate office’s address is-
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
Connecticut, U.S.
Contact Number: 1-203-373-2211, 1-800-417-0575.
Company’s official website:

According to Fortune magazine 2011, General Electric is an American 6th most extensive group of companies. On the other hand, According to Forbes Global magazine, it is the world’s 3rd largest company. General electric is a popular & famous electrical products producer who supplies their products worldwide. There are lots of electrical products that are covering various fields of daily human life. According to GE official website, it was created by Thomas Alva Edison in 1890. Now there are substantial research fields to finding new generations’ appropriate essential goods. As a result, the company produces new-new items products. I’m a General electric refrigerator and oven user who’s given me good services for more than seven years. Now it’s still running. But my apartment mate was brought a GE refrigerator last year, but she is facing various problems.

General Electric Online Services Review;

General electronics online service for internet users was launched several years ago. Now it’s open for everyone. If you visit the GE website, you will see and know about GE product and service features, history, latest news, investment information, etc. The most important components are GE shareholders can sign up for electronic delivery and download reminder letters. All investment or shareholders related information is available on the investor page of the GE website.

Get a Job at General Electric;

General Electric is a multinational company looking for hard workers and qualified persons for various fields such as GE financial service, real estate, capital, research center, health care, energy & gas, transportation, corporate offices, etc. Interested applicants may apply online at any time. Visit the GE website and search your interested positioned job in the GE website’s careers tab to submit online. Suppose available, submit your prepared resume. To submit your application, you need to complete the online registration process. I hope you don’t miss the working chance at GE.

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