Bank of New York Mellon Information

BNY Mellon:

BNY Mellon is the short name of the bank of New York Mellon. Mainly it is a US based and multinational financial or banking services company. Their banking or financial assistance is available in Australia, China, India, Germany, Japan, etc. Any small or big investor can be invested. The company’s head office is located in the New York City of the USA. According to the BNY Mellon website, several banking and investment plans and services such as broker-dealer service, shareowner service, insurance, alternative investment, etc. On the other hand, the BNY Mellon works as a payment processor for small and big businesses.

BNY Mellon Online Service:

There are online banking, online trading for shareowners, and online investment plans that mean BNY Mellon customers can manage their accounts from home and online. By the way, if you are a small investor of BNY Mellon, you may access by Mellon website to account for information, reports, etc. If you have a banking account, you may manage your account online as an online banking customer. To manage your banking account visits your country website and log in.

BNY Mellon Phone Number:

Here are some departments of BNY Mellon (new york city) office phone number. I hope it will help you.
Offshore Team Phone number: +1-888-855-3485
Share Holder Relation Manager: +1-800-242-0813
BNY Mellon Representatives: 212-495-1784
BNY Mellon head office phone number: +1-877-472-4200

BNY Mellon Shareowner services:

BNY Mellon shareholders can be monitored online or in a broker house. If you are a BNY Mellon shareholder, you may stock transfer online at BNY Mellon and Computer Share website. If you are the first time in the shareowner service, you need to sign up for investor service direct. If you want to invest the first time, you can start it’s easily. Just visit the BNY Mellon investment plan website and search by company and purchase. Once if you have purchased a share, you can sell now by online login into your account.

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Job at BNY Mellon:

There are more than 50,000 employees worldwide. So if you would like to work at BNY Mellon, firstly check out the bank of New York Mellon’s countrywide circular and submit your resume. Actually, there is a country variety of websites where you submit your CV.

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