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Sallie Mae Student Loan Review

One of the most popular American private loan lenders name is Sallie Mae. Basically Sallie Mae is a financial company in the USA and there are a range of financial services sectors such as banking sector, loan and mortgage sector, investment program, insurance etc. Sallie Mae student loan program are given financial support to the American middle class student to acquiring graduation. As a result the student loan program has got popularity day by day in the America. Not only got the student loan advantage of American students, Sallie Mae student loan program are also covering abroad students.

There are mainly two type student loans such as graduate student loans and undergraduate student loans. Others loan program details are below-

Smart Option Student Loan:

A popular Sallie Mae student loan name is smart option student loan. Basically it is a fixed and low interest rates loan. If you borrow the loan then you will save up to 30%. The smart option student loan borrowers can be managing their account online. There others graduate students loan program are residency and relocation loans, bar study loan, medical loan, dental loan etc.
Undergraduate loans program including smart option student loan for undergraduate student, career training smart option student loan etc.


Sallie Mae student loan programs have various features in the student life (who have no financial support from her family, but she/he want to acquiring graduate degree).
1. Sallie Mae student loans are work as a collage fund.
2. Students should be refinancing the loan if needed.
3. Online applicable.
4. Loan holders may manage their account online.
5. Compatible to FAFSA.
6. Repayments of the loan will be pending minimum 6 month after graduation.
7. Basically, the program repayment options are flexible and it is dependable on the borrower’s monthly income after graduation.

Essential information to apply:

To apply for the Sallie Mae student loans you must need the following papers or information.
1. Collage admission documents.
2. Collage cost documents.
3. Social security number.
4. Driving license (if applicable).

How to apply:

If you want to borrow the Sallie Mae student loan then you can apply both online and a Sallie Mae center. To online apply go to the salliemae.com website and find out the student loan from the student loans column. After find out click on the APPLY NOW button and enter the required information. To apply physically, visit your nearest Sallie Mae loan center or call at 877-279-7172 or talk to your nearest Sallie Mae agency.